The weather is set to become even cooler possibly cold with a chance of some wintry weather. I don’t have a lot of confidence in forecasting beyond 48 hours at this time.

This coming Sunday 10th is looking very wintry from Wales up the North West side of the UK into Scotland. A low pressure system will develop during Saturday. When this moves across the country during Sunday it will bring strong winds dragging cold air down from the north bringing snow to the Western side of the UK. Our area could see rain showers turning a little wintry during the afternoon. We could see wind speeds peaking around 40 mph for a time.

A ridge of high pressure could temporary build during Monday to bring a mainly dry day. Then a deep area of low pressure looks like bringing some very wet and windy weather across the UK during Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of the week looks unsettled with plenty of rainfall and may be next weekend we could see the temperatures falling even lower.

The image below is the GEFS graph showing the temperature at 1,500 metres the bottom of the graph is rainfall. The thick black line is average 30 year temperatures. Any precipitation could be wintry when the temperature falls below -5 c at 1,500 metres.

The graph below is the air pressure forecast. You can see that its very changeable over the next 7 to 10 days with some deep lows. This shows we will see some wet and windy weather. The air pressure looks like it might start to recover around the 18th 19th of the month so it may start to become a little drier.

So the outlook cooler with some wet and windy weather and I would not rule out of seeing the rain turning a little wintry especially Sunday afternoon.