This coming weekend is looking very cool with temperatures falling below freezing overnight. It’s looking that it should remain mainly dry for ourselves.

The setups of air pressures will bring cold northerly airflow from the Arctic. If it was the winter we would be in for a very cold period of weather, but we are well into spring. The Arctic is naturally warming up with sunshine over that area and we have plenty of sunshine over the UK. But saying this we are going to see another big drop in the temperatures. Temperatures overnight could fall below freeing down to -1 c, so this is a good warning to gardeners. Daytime temperatures look like struggling to reach double figures if we are lucky.

Scotland and North East England could see some wintry weather. At the moment it looks like it could well remain dry for us over the Bank holiday weekend and Monday.

This is certainly not a forecast but it is what I am seeing at this time, updates over the coming days.