We will start to see a change in our weather from the warm and mainly dry conditions we have been having, becoming fresher with rain and showers.

There will be a more westerly airflow with our weather coming off the Atlantic. The jet stream will start to move across the UK and we will see some troughs developing allowing some slow moving low pressure systems to move around the UK. We will see temperatures falling to around average around 18 centigrade instead of the low twenties we have been having, so it will feel a lot fresher. When the troughs moves away we could see a brief spell of drier and slightly warmer weather.

The image below shows the position of the Jet stream today. You can see a trough off the East coast of North America, that should have moved our way by the middle of next week.

The graph below is the GEFS outlook. its shows the temperature will be around the 30 year average. There will be some real rain around from the 17th. There is some indication the temperature could start to rise during the last week of the month but it certainly wont be dry.