Becoming unsettled, wet and mild to end the month.

Becoming unsettled, wet and mild to end the month.


After this coming weekends cold, dry spell it looks like it will become milder and wet to end the month.

The GEFS graph shows the temperature at 1,500 metres and the bottom of the graph is rainfall. There are so many lines because each one is a member of the organisation all with their own opinion.  To start off with you can see the lines are close together so they are all seeing the same thing.  Around the 25th there is a wide range of opinion’s in what the temperature will be.

So the story we can see from this graph is our temperature will start to slip away from now into the weekend when it will become cold, but you can see it should remain dry.

Then from the start of the new week the temperature will rise becoming mild with rainfall at some point on every day through to the end of this month.

Summary, becoming unsettled from the start of next week to the end of the month, every day will see some rain, windy at times.