Colder feel but no signs of any real snow.

Colder feel but no signs of any real snow.


My latest update on the cold weather is not good news for snow lovers.

Winds coming from an easterly direction will set in from Thursday 9th onwards. This will bring ours daytime temperature down to 2-3 c and temperature below freezing overnight.

With an easterly wind direction you can get a lot of stubborn cloud and this could be thick enough at times to bring an odd isolated wintery flurry.

Over the weekend there are signs that the winds could swing around to come from a more northerly direction bringing our temperature down even colder.

Around the middle of the month the winds look like changing to a more North Westerly, this would bring in some more moist air and then we could see a risk of a little snow. But there is so much uncertainty around this time period.

Summary, its going to get cold be prepared to wrap up warm and get ready to turn your heating up. It’s not time to find the snow shovel out, just yet.

I will keep you updated with any changes I see.