It looks like it will remain cool and unsettled for the first half of November.

This GEFS graph shows the temperature at 850 hpa 1,500 metres. The reason we like to look at the temperature at 850hpa is, at that height the temperature changes little between day and night and there is little effect from surfaces on the earth. If the temperature falls below the -5 c line it also becomes useful because this could be an indication of some wintry weather. The very bottom of the graph is precipitation. The thick black line is the 30 year average temperature.

So looking at this graph it’s shows we start off with the temperature around average for this weekend. Then the temperature will gradually fall below average becoming very cool. Looking at the precipitation it looks like it will remain very showery except for the possibility of a couple of drier days around the 5th and 6th. Then it will turn very showery again.