Downgrade Dylan for the Cannock Chase area.

Downgrade Dylan for the Cannock Chase area.


From the initial idea of this quickly developing storm that the Irish Met Office named Dylan. I would now downgrade it for the Cannock Chase area. I see this storm still developing but I see the centre of the storm moving over Scotland and is not on its original forecasted path over northern England.

It will not be issuing a weather warning for our area. Yes it will be windy for Ireland, Scotland and coastal areas with wind speeds gusting around 70 mph.

For ourselves winds speeds will be gusting around 30mph which is force 6 (Strong breeze), exposed places 38mph force Force 7.

I will be watching this over the next few hours, but this is another storm that should have not been named. It is just another winter low pressure systems that will bring some windy conditions to some area’s.