This is the latest graph from the GEFS. It certainly continues with the below average temperatures idea for the next couple of weeks. To remind you this graph shows the temperature at 1,500 metres, 850 hpa. The thick black line is the 30 year average temperature. So you can see it continues with the very cool theme. The bottom of the graph is precipitation, so you can see there will be a couple of dry days but its indicating some rainfall at some point on most day. Not sure if I buy into the idea at the moment but around the 14th its showing a 9 on the snow row. It does look like the temperature at 1,500 metres could dip close to -5 but its not falling below -5 c. But it shows some wintry precipitation around the 14th, so I will continue to watch what is happening around that date.

So we can expect very cool and showery conditions, with daytime temperatures only reaching 6-7 centigrade.