A look at the GEFS graph it shows we will be going into a very mild period only becoming cooler into the new year.

This GEFS graph shows a very mild outlook with the temperature being well above the 30 year average temperature line.

The top of the graph is the temperature at 850 hpa, 1500 metres. The bottom of the graph is precipitation. The thick black line is the 30 year average temperature line.

So if we look at the graph it shows the temperature at the moment is just above average. Then around Friday 27th the temperature will rise rapidly and we could see temperatures reaching 11-13 centigrade, remaining very mild for 3 or 4 days. Then right at the end of the month and into the start of January temperatures look like they will fall away to around average.

It looks like there will be some showers around Boxing day and Friday then it becomes mainly dry until the end of the month when we will see the return of some showers.