GEFS is going for a fairly settled period of weather.

GEFS is going for a fairly settled period of weather.


Looking at this GEFS graph its showing we will be going into a fairly settled spell of weather.

The GEFS is made up of many different members, if you look at the graph on the top line you can see that the lines are close together to start off with. Then they start to spread apart this shows there is some disagreement in what they think later in the period.

The top line is the temperature at 850 hpa around 1,500 metres. The bottom of the graph is rainfall, tall the spikes the more rain we will have.

So if we look at the graph we will see a rise in temperature during this weekend and it stays much the same next week. Temperatures will be around 16 to 18 centigrade.

The bottom of the graph shows some low spikes which means the rain will be in the form of showers if any, but overall its fairly dry.

The graph shows a change in temperature and rainfall around the 15th. After the 15th I have little confidence in what the GEFS is trying to say. So we will re-visit the GEFS towards the end of next week to see what it thinks then.