GFS Models is really ramping up on heavy snow the end of...

GFS Models is really ramping up on heavy snow the end of next week, but will it happen !


I thought I would update you on the risk of snow the end of next week. Yesterday the models changed their mind for snow the end of next week. But again today they are really going for snow around Thursday, Friday next week.

If this does come off we are talking heavy snow and blizzard conditions. A deep low pressure system will bring very heavy snow and blizzards into Scotland on Thursday. We will have heavy rain at this time. The low pressure will move eastwards and this could bring strong winds and cold air from the North turning the rain to heavy snow with blizzards conditions overnight and into Friday. It this happens we are talking major disruption for the UK.

I have three different models bringing a cold wintry scenario so I will continue to watch this carefully.

Again this is still model outlook and is not a forecast just yet and is still subject to change. It really does rely on that blocking in the Atlantic remaining in position and not collapsing and bringing stormy, wet and mild weather.

So if it does not happen please don’t blame me, I am just keeping you informed on what I am watching at this time and not forecasting this yet.