High risk of thunderstorms during Thursday afternoon and evening.

High risk of thunderstorms during Thursday afternoon and evening.


I have had a lots of questions about thunderstorms after last Sundays storms.

Again I see a high risk of thunderstorms developing during Thursday afternoon and evening.

I look for instability that will help cloud top reaching high heights. We will see temperatures fairly high temperature around 22c and high humidity. This will help clouds develop during the afternoon and build, with the instability it looks like the cloud tops could reach 32,000 feet. This will build up a lot of energy in side the cloud that will bring a greater risk of thunderstorms and hail. On the rare occasions cells can develop bringing a risk of a tornado’s. Please don’t run away with the idea we will have tornadoes across Cannock Chase area tomorrow, I don’t think we will, but never say never.

So if we look at this thermal updraft velocity graph and look towards the bottom of the graph where the RED and BLUE and dotted PINK lines meets. This is the bottom of the cloud around 3,000 feet. Now look where the RED and PINK line joins this is at 32.000 feet. This is a very large cloud with a high cap value 805. This is a good indication of some large thunderstorms developing.

I have pasted a Cumulonimbus cloud (thunderstorm cloud) next to the graph to show what I mean about the bottom of the cloud and the top of the cloud. I hope this help’s you on your understanding about large towering Cumulonimbus clouds.