I am busy watching.

I am busy watching.


You may be thinking my page is quiet at the moment. I can assure you I am busy watching several different weather subjects at this time.

The first thing am watching is for the possibility of a large, deep low pressure system that looks like bringing some westerlies in next week dragging a lot of cold air down from Greenland. At the moment it looks like temperature will fall bringing some snowfall into the UK next week.

The second thing I am also watching is the Polar Vortex and the increasing chance of a SSW sudden Stratospheric warming that could take place. If the SSW does take place this could bring a risk of sending us into a longish spell of wintry weather starting some 15-21 days later. The last time we had a SSW was January 2013 and history tells us we had a cold and extended winter with heavy snow right to the end of March.

Followers will remember how last years winter teased us with the potential of a SSW but it never materialised. If the possibility of a SSW increases I will write more on this subject a little closer.