If there is no change then next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is...

If there is no change then next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is looking wintry.


I have indicated for several days now that we could see some wintry weather during early December.

Well if there is no change in the models then it will turn wintry Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week. The GFS model is showing snow fall during these day.

Temperatures are set to rise during Sunday and into the start of the new working week, then real cold air will move down from the North over the UK from the middle of the week onward’s. Warmer, moist air will try and push northwards meeting the cold, dry air. Where the different air masses meet this will bring some real snow for that area. So if there is little change in the models get ready for some snow.

Don’t get carried away just yet, caution at this stage is needed because we are still 160 to 200 hours away. But for several days I have said it looks like it could  turn wintry around this period.

Please don’t take this image to literally but you can see the GFS model thinks we will get around 8-12 cm (3-5 inches) of snow depth.

I will keep you well updated, please remember this is not a forecast yet, its just what I am watching at this time and snow lovers may still be disappointed.