Just to let you know I am spending a lot of time watching different models on air pressure area’s in the Troposphere . It’s surly is looking interesting in what appears to be involving. If what I am watching at this time and this pattern continues we could see some wintry conditions this winter.

What I am watching at is the continued involvement of high pressure blocking. This could mean we could see cold air draining off the polar region Southwards towards the UK. It is setting up nicely with Low pressure over Aluetian area. High pressure over the North Pole area and High pressure over part of Scandinavia. High pressure blocking over the mid Atlantic too. This image shows the forecast setup for 13th November.

If this pattern does evolve and becomes established it may be stubborn to shift and bring some wintry conditions this coming winter. So at this time it is maintaining a lot of interest with meteorologists.

Now lets have a quick look at the jet-stream. The UK continues to remain on the cold side of the jet-stream. There is no sign of the jet-stream moving North to allow warm air to move over the UK. So it will feel very cool, I am not saying cold, we have to remember we are in early November at this time.

So I will continue to watch to see if this pattern is keen on remaining into December.

A quick look at the continued growth of the snow area cover. You can see its moving closer towards Europe covering more of Russia.

Time will tell, so there are no conclusions at this time, but it’s certainly teasing us at the moment and there is plenty to keep me busy and reporting my findings to you.