JMA from 9th October to 1st November

JMA from 9th October to 1st November


This is the outlook from 9th October to 1st November using the JMA from the Japanese Met Agency. This is not a forecast but a general outlook.  I have added the images together, rotated them and added a red line so you can see the UK. Orange colours is high pressures area, blue colours is low pressures area.

9th to 11th October.

High pressure blocking is still in control with high pressure over the pole. Again it will be mainly dry with cool temperatures with the winds coming from a East-North easterly direction.

12th to 18th October.

High pressure moves North with low pressure building to the south of the UK. This period will see the temperature falling even cooler with the winds shifting to a northerly. Temperatures will be below average for mid October. With low pressure to the South of the UK we will see some showery periods.

19th October to 1st November.

This is a transition period and over two weeks. You can see there is no high pressures, with low pressure trough above the UK and High pressure over Spain and into southern France. We will start to see westerly winds moving through the UK. We will see the temperatures rising becoming mild, but we will see some wetter periods.