JMA outlook for 4 weeks from 13th July to 8th August.

JMA outlook for 4 weeks from 13th July to 8th August.


This is the outlook for the next four weeks using the JMA model from the Japanese Met Agency. Followers of this page will know that I look at the JMA most Thursdays or Fridays. This is not a forecast, but a general outlook.

This weeks models were not easily understood. At a glance I could see a lot of high pressure but when I really studied them, it’s not as good as the first quick look.

Week 1, 13th July to 19th.

A lot of high pressure is around stretching across the Atlantic over the UK and then down to Spain. This looks like a lot of Westerly winds. Temperatures will be around average with some very warm days. It will be mainly dry but there will be some showery days. some could be thundery during next week.

Week 2, 19th July to 25th.

It looks like higher pressure will be over the UK ending around the East coast. Temperature at the beginning of this period could be very warm but overall temperatures will be a little below average because of mainly Northerly winds. It will be mainly a dry period with just a few showers.

Week 3 and 4 25th July to 8th August

This is a two week period which looks like average pressures around the UK. But temperatures look like they will be 1 to 3 c below average for this time of year. Rain fall will be above average with Scotland being well above average rainfall.

jma 13th 4 week outlook