JMA outlook for August, September and October.

JMA outlook for August, September and October.


This is the outlook from the JMA the Japanese Met Agency. Followers will know that I use the JMA four week outlook weekly. Long range forecasting must not be taken to literally but I do like looking at the JMA’s models for trends. This must not be confused for a forecast but it’s meant to be a general outlook for each month. I must say the JMA over the last two months has not been preforming very well this summer.


High pressure looks like it will still be around the UK situated  mainly over the northern parts. This will bring  mainly an easterly airflow bringing fairly dry conditions with rainfall a little below average and the temperature around average for August.


High pressure around the Norther parts of the UK with low pressure South of England. Brings above average rainfall and temperatures around average for September.


Low pressure over the UK will bring a northerly airflow, feeling cool with slightly above average rainfall.