JMA outlook for January, February and March.

JMA outlook for January, February and March.


This is the outlook from the JMA the Japanese Met Agency for January, February and March. I have added the 3 images together one for each month, rotated them and add a red line so you can see the UK. Oranges is high pressure areas and Blues lower pressures.

Please note this is a real long range outlook and we have to take it not to serious. But saying that it’s issued and its worth a look.



High pressure in the mid Atlantic stretches over Greenland and down through Scandinavia and into Eastern Europe. Low pressure to the South of the UK. A complex run of the Jet Stream will see some cool temperatures at time but over all North Westerly Atlantic driven weather.


High pressure blocking over the Pole will see a cold setup for February with cold air coming from an Easterly Direction.


Looks like low pressure over the UK with High pressure over the Pole and over Eastern Europe. This will bring an unsettled month with some colder spells at times.