JMA outlook for the next four weeks.

JMA outlook for the next four weeks.


This is the outlook for the next four weeks from the JMA the Japanese Met Agency. This is not a forecast but an outlook.

I have added the 3 images together rotated them and add a red line so you can see the UK. Blue colours are low pressure areas and oranges  high pressure.

Week 1 15th June to 21st.

A ridge of high pressure builds over the UK This will bring mainly dry conditions with temperatures a couple of degrees above average.

Week 2 22nd June to 28th.

The JMA thinks a trough and low pressure will be over the UK. I think this will be slow to move in and it will be around half way through this period when it will become wetter with periods of heavy rain.

Week 3 29th June to 12th July.

Low pressure to the North of the UK and high pressure to the South. This period will see temperatures and rainfall around average.