JMA outlook from 22nd October to 15th November

JMA outlook from 22nd October to 15th November


This is the outlook using the JMA from the Japanese Met Agency from 22nd October to 15th November. It started on the 19th of October but I am a little late on this outlook. I have added three images together and rotated them for you and added a red line so you can see the UK.

Week 1 19th to 25th October.

High pressure over the UK and across to Scandinavia. Low pressure system is to the South of the UK. This period will be mainly dry and cool with an North-easterly airflow. The low pressure system will make some in-roads to bring rain towards the end of this period.

Week 2. 26th October to 1st November.

High pressure stretches from North America over Greenland and over the UK. This looks like the high pressure will slip slightly North and this may raise the temperature slightly for a short period, before winds shift bringing winds coming down from the North reducing the temperature at the end of the month.

Week 3-4 2nd November to 15th November.

This is a two week period and a change will take place. This changed could take the first week of November. But it shows the high pressure will be no longer with us. Just a small high pressure ridge to the south of the UK.  Two low pressure systems one in the Atlantic and the other over central Europe, the high pressure is over the pole. So we will see the Jets-stream moving across the UK from West to East bringing some milder temperatures with some wet conditions at times.