JMA outlook from 27th October to 23rd November.

JMA outlook from 27th October to 23rd November.


This is the outlook for the next four weeks from 27th October to 23rd November. This is an outlook using the Japanese Met Agency model. Looking at the images I have rotated them and added a red line to show you where the UK is. Blue colours are low pressure area, oranges are high pressure areas.

Week 1 26th to 1st November.

High pressure is firmly in control this will bring, settled conditions. Warm air from the South will push up through the UK bringing very warm temperatures for the end of October.

Week 2. 2nd November to 8th.

We are on the edge of a low pressure area. With northerly winds  this will bring daytime temperature struggling  to reach 8 c during the daytime and a risk of frosts during the night. This period will see some showers too. I don’t like to call this cold but it will certainly feel very cool.

Week 3-4 9th November to 23rd.

A large area of high pressure close to Scotland stretches over Greenland and the pole. The high pressure will bring drier, warmer conditions to Scotland. I can see some dry periods with showers at times. Temperatures around average for mid November.