JMA outlook from 6th to 30th November.

JMA outlook from 6th to 30th November.


This is the outlook from JMA for the next four weeks. The JMA is a model issued from the Japanese Met Agency.  I am a little late publishing this weeks JMA because it was issued last Thursday. I have added the 3 models together rotated them and add a red line showing the UK. Orange colours are high pressures ridges and blues are low pressure areas.

Week 1 3rd to 9th.

This period is showing we are well under a low pressure trough. This will bring a northerly air flow with temperatures below average. It will remain unsettled  with showery and sometimes wet conditions.

Week 2 10th to 16th November.

High pressure blocking in the mid Atlantic stretching over the Pole. Low pressure trough is over the UK and Western Europe. Again a northerly airflow will bring temperature a little below average. Showery conditions are set to continue.

Week 3-4 17th to 30th November.

High pressure in the North Atlantic stretches  over the pole. Low pressure trough is to the South of the UK This period will start to become drier with just a few showers. Temperatures will be around average for this mid to late November.