JMA outlook from 8th June to 6th July.

JMA outlook from 8th June to 6th July.


This is the outlook for the next four weeks using the JMA model. This is a different set of models from the JMA I normally show you but  I just thought it may be easier for you to see. The JMA is issued from the Japanese Met Agency. I have put this images together for you to see. The 1st image is HPA pressure, 2nd image is rainfall, 3ed image is Temperature. I have put them together in weeks for you to see. Please note this is note a forecast but a general outlook using one model.

Week1 8th to 14th June.

The UK will be under low pressure with rainfall a little above average, the  temperatures will be around 1 centigrade below average.

Week 2 15th to 22nd June.

The UK is still under mainly low pressure with showers and temperature around average.

23rd June to 6th July.

Average pressure will bring mainly drier conditions and temperature around average with the odd warmer day.


A quick look at Europe, is showing its looking unsettled for the next two weeks accept for Spain where it looks dry that is because high pressure over the Azores.

week 1-4