Last update for the end of this weeks wintry weather before my...

Last update for the end of this weeks wintry weather before my real forecasts begin.


This is my final update for the end of this weeks wintry weather. I then hope to start bringing you forecasts for this period from Wednesday evening. Forecasting snow for the UK is difficult especially when the coverage area is borderline.

So at the moment, the low pressure system moving towards the North of Scotland has now been named by the Met Office as storm Caroline.

Thursday will be a windy day with periods of heavy rain and winds  gusting up to 30-35 mph. It will be very mild with temperatures around 13 c. Then we will see temperatures falling sharply later during the afternoon. Showers overnight could fall wintry.

Friday looks like there will be plenty of wintry showers around. But the Cannock Chase area is borderline with either frequent showers or no showers. It will be a cold day with top temperature round 2 c.

The weekend

Saturday low risk of a snow shower, daytime temperatures very cold around 1 centigrade. Overnight around -2 c.

Sunday, wintry start turning to sleet then heavy rain.

Please note this is not a forecast and is subject to change and it’s just what I am watching at this time.

The closer we get to this period I will be watching the radar, my weather station for air temperature, wind direction and dew point temperatures along with data from other UK Davis weather stations.