Mixed and sometimes unsettled weather is set to continue.

Mixed and sometimes unsettled weather is set to continue.


The mixed sometimes unsettled weather is set to continue for several weeks yet.

I mentioned a few weeks ago about an area of cold sea surface  temperatures in the Mid Atlantic. Where you get a large area of cold surface sea temperatures this helps an area of high pressure to build. Over the last two weeks this area has changed, growing a little in size but splitting. The real cold water area has warmed a little. But overall we still have a large cold area.

Now high pressure is mainly in control over the Atlantic building a nice ridge. Following a ridge you have a trough and this is over the UK.

You can see on the Jet-stream image where the high pressure ridge is and the low pressure trough is. But the jet-stream moves around a lot and overall we are on the cold side of the Jet-stream, sometime we do have a few nicer, drier sunnier day when the Jet-stream moves around a little.

So you can see sea surface temperature play an important role in our weather pattern. The type of weather we have been experiencing over the last few weeks is set to continue. When this area warms a little we will see a gradual change in our weather, hopefully for the better.  I certainly do not see the Spanish Plume some of the media are reported bringing 6 weeks of hot weather.

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