There is still a lot of uncertainties with Hurricane Lorenzo or ex Hurricane Lorenzo when it moves closer to the UK.

The hurricane is now reducing in speed it’s now a Cat 3, but saying that its still very powerful. It will continue to weaken with it moving into cooler waters on its north-easterly path. The NOAA National hurricane centre still shows the cone path towards Ireland. I think that as good the NOAA HC is, this cone path is a little misleading. I still think that when Lorenzo moves into the jet stream it will get pulled into another low pressure system that is in the North Atlantic and it will combined to make a large area low pressure system losing its intensity.

So the first image is the path shown by NOAA and the second image is the 9 day panel image from the GFS. You can see Lorenzo moving North-eastwards on Wednesday and getting absorbed into another low pressure making a large low pressure systems during Thursday and Friday losing its identity.

Take your pick the story is yet to unfold.