My 10th Update for the Christmas period.

My 10th Update for the Christmas period.


This is my 10th update for the Christmas period. We should start to see a pattern emerge now and should see less changes in my forecast.

Back on the 9th of December on Facebook I wrote about a complex low pressure system that could develop. Well it now looks like a deep low pressure system will move into the UK for Christmas. This looks like bringing gale force winds, heavy rain and snow into the UK and even a chance of some wintry weather for the midlands.

So lets follow its path as it looks now on Monday 19th and see what looks like happening. Again this is subject to change but it will be an interesting couple of days to see where this low pressure will end up and its effects of our weather this Christmas 2016.

Christmas Eve.

The first low pressure system moves close to the UK  We will see some bright and sunny spells, low risk of a shower, 6 c. Snow for North West England and Scotland with strong gusts of wind.

Christmas Day.

A windy day with heavy rain for the morning and most of the afternoon, we could see rain turning wintery with sleet or wet snow. for the afternoon. During the evening chance of a wintery shower. Gale force damaging winds for North England and Scotland with some heavy snow.

Boxing Day.

Low pressure system pulls away over towards Scandinavia. Our winds will ease and it will become a brighter very cool day. Snow for North West England and Scotland.