New weather station arrived.

New weather station arrived.


Today my new weather station arrived, I ordered the Davis Vantage Pro Plus 2 earlier this week. It is a weather station I never thought I would own. The accuracy is unbelievable. It also has additional  VU and Solar radiation sensors. I have also added the Fan Aspirated radiation shield to bring the temperature accuracy level even closer in ex-stream heat.

These units are found where weather monitoring is critical and also on shipping ports and airfields etc. Four of these units were installed around the Antarctic this year to monitor.

It is still connected to the Davis network and the NOAA network (National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration ) but now it will supply additional and even more accurate data. That WiFi data-logger I installed a month ago will just plug into this unit. The software I use will be the same just showing the extra data.

I will be building it over the next few days and hopefully it will be be fully installed on Tuesday and switched on. The Anemometer will be installed at 10m thanks to Lyndon and the main unit will be around 2 metres. When it’s switched on it will take around 12 hours before I get the first automated weather forecast from the station.

The sensors send the data every 2.5 seconds to the unit and then uploaded to Davis and noaa and other amateur weather networks cwop, Wunderground and PWS. it is built to record and work with wind speeds from 0 to 200 mph and temperatures from -40 c to + 65 c.