Ophelia Ex Tropical storm or Hurricane.

Ophelia Ex Tropical storm or Hurricane.


Ophelia is a tropical storm what is now South West of the Azores. It’s a low pressure system developing and moving North Westwards. Over the last few days I have been watching it projected path just to the west of Ireland.

I have read that Ophelia is predicted to reach a cat 1 Hurricane on this approach to the UK and Ireland.

I have also read since 1893 there has been 10 Tropical storms each one reaching hurricane strength.

The models think wind speeds will be reaching 85-90 mph force 11-12 for West Ireland. For ourselves around Cannock Chase area winds reaching 35-40 mph force 7-8.

So what do I know and what do I believe.

At this time I see the centre of the storm moving just West of Ireland around teatime Monday 16th.

Since it’s  just a projected path and its still 120 hours away we cannot say where it will end up or what it final look like.

I will continue to watch its development on mid range models and short range Cyclone tracking. I have added the latest satellite image and added TS in yellow so you can see it.

It’s a developing situation that needs treating with respect and thought not hysteria. I will be spending a lot of time monitoring Ophelia and I will keep you updated on what I see happening.

The closer we get to Monday the more details I will be prepared to put my name to.