Outlook for December, January and February from the JMA.

Outlook for December, January and February from the JMA.


This is the outlook for December, January and February using the JMA issued from the Japanese Met Agency.  Remember this is just the outlook from one model. Orange is High pressures, Blue is Low pressures. Long range weather forecasting cannot be guaranteed but I do like the JMA.


High pressure over the UK stretching north over Greenland and Scandinavia. This looks overall quite a cold month with winds coming from an easterly South easterly direction. There will be some cold, frosty temperatures with some fog. Overall we will see plenty of dry weather.

January 2017.

Low pressure over the UK and stretches Westwards into the Atlantic. High pressure over Greenland, Scandinavia and central Europe. This set up we will see some cold temperatures with some wintry weather.


High pressure over Greenland with the centre of the Low pressure to the South of the UK. This would bring us Northerly winds with some very cold temperatures and wintry weather.