Outlook for May, June and July from the JMA.

Outlook for May, June and July from the JMA.


This is the outlook from the JMA the Japanese Met Agency. Followers will know that I use the JMA 4 week outlook weekly. Long range forecasting must not be taken to literally but I do like looking at the JMA’s models for trends. This must not be confused for a forecast but it’s meant to be a general outlook for each month.


Low pressure looks like it will be over the northern parts of the UK. This will bring, North, North-westerly airflow with temperatures 2 or 3 degrees below average with rainfall slightly above average. Scotland, northern England will be the wettest parts of the UK.


High pressure over Spain and France with Low pressure setup over the North West Atlantic. South westerly airflow will bring some showers but overall rainfall will be around average with temperatures around average too.


High pressure looks like being in the mid Atlantic with Low pressure right at the top of the North Atlantic. A westerly airflow will bring slightly above average rainfall and temperatures around average too. Northern England and Scotland will have above average rainfall.


The JMA does not see any signs of prolonged spells of high pressure setting in to bring hot conditions, or does it see low pressure system setting in bringing prolonged spells of unsettled wet weather. Of course we will get some good days.

Next update.

When I revisit the long range for this Summer the middle of next month we will see if any changes have taken place and it will also include August.