Outlook for next week.

Outlook for next week.


Monday 5th November.

A cloudy day, feeling mild at 13 c.

Tuesday 6th November.

Mostly cloudy, chance of the odd shower and it will be a little breezy, feeling mild at 13 c. Rain during the evening and night.

Wednesday 7th.

Breezy day with shower especially during the morning. Becoming a little brighter during the afternoon, 12 c.

Thursday 8th.

Rain and showers, 10 c.

Friday 9th.

Becoming brighter with some sunny spells, 11 c. Turning stormy during the evening and night with heavy rain and strong winds.

Saturday 10th.

A breezy, showery day, 10 c.

Sunday 11th.

Bright spells, low risk of a shower, 9 c.