Outlook for next week.

Outlook for next week.


The air pressure at the time of writing is around 1025 hpa this will fall a little during today. This week is looking to be quite complex with high pressure over East side of the UK and low pressure over the West side of the UK. We will some sun, very warm temperatures and very windy conditions later in the week. This forecast could well change around the middle of week so I will watching this carefully.

Monday 8th October.

High pressure will rise slightly to around 1018 hpa. The day will see a fair amount of cloud and it will feel mild at 15 c.

Tuesday 9th.

Air pressure will be fairly steady bringing a gentle to moderate breeze, plenty of sunshine and feeling very mild around 17 c.

Wednesday 10th.

A sunny day with a gentle to moderate breeze. Feeling warm 19-20 c.

Thursday 11th.

A deep low pressure system will be moving up from the South West. This will bring a windy day with some showers or longer spells of rain. Feeling warm at 19 c.

Friday 12th.

Another deep low pressure system will move up from the South West bringing very stormy conditions into Ireland. This will bring another very windy day for our area. There will be a risk of the odd shower, feeling warm 18 c.

Saturday 13th.

Very breezy, sunny day feeling very warm at 22 c.

Sunday 14th.

A wet, cool day 14 c.