I normally like to issue a five day or seven day weather forecast on a Sunday. Next week is a headache for weather forecasters. It will be a cold period but nothing unusual. So that’s the easy bit the risk of snow is the tricky part.

A low pressure system is just starting to develop in the Atlantic. It’s position during Tuesday is uncertain at this time. The models show slightly different positions leaving some uncertainty on how much or if there will be any snow. What this will do is develop a trough bringing some weather fronts with it. At this time it looks late Tuesday afternoon we could see some heavy snow, but saying this we could end up with very little and the heavy snow could then fall South of Birmingham.

The week then remains cold and again Thursday could see very heavy snow fall causing disruption.

What I have written is what I see at this time, and I must stress keep yourselves well updated because this could happen or it may dissipate to very little.