Outlook for the coming new week.

Outlook for the coming new week.


During the week we will start to see a change taking place with cooler temperatures and some rain showers.

The air pressure at the time of writing this outlook is 1023 hpa and we will see the air pressure falling slowly during the day.

Monday 6th. Air pressure will continue to fall slowly down to 1015 hpa. We will still see a day with plenty of sunshine feeling rather hot 24-25 c.

Tuesday 7th will still see the air pressure falling down to 1010 hpa, should remain dry with some bright and sunny spells, feeling warm at 21 c.

Wednesday 8th the air pressure continues to fall down to 1008 hpa and a cold front will bring some rain and showers into the area and the days top temperature only be reach around 18 c.

Thursday 9th Air pressure will be around 1012 hpa and we will see some bright and sunny spells with a risk of a shower, 17 c.

Friday 10th we will see the air pressure rising slightly but with a South westerly airflow we will see a fair amount of cloud with some showers before the arrival of some heavy rain, temperatures around 16-17 c.

Outlook for the weekend. An unsettled weekend with periods of very heavy rain and showers, temperatures round 18 c.