Outlook for the end of the month into early October.

Outlook for the end of the month into early October.


Last Friday I published the outlook for the next four weeks from the JMA. If you read this there was a suggestion our weather would become unsettled at the end of the month lasting into early October.

Well I am watching this period carefully and this does seem to be the case.

It looks like another big trough will develop bringing a  very unsettled period of weather from around the middle of next week into early October.

There is still a lot of uncertainty with this period, but with sharp temperature contrast around the Arctic Circle area and northern Atlantic. This helps to fuel a strong jet stream. We now have  a very active hurricane season in the Caribbean area, this means  some of these low pressure systems will eventually move into the Northern Atlantic.

I am not saying there will be hurricanes in the UK because this is impossible to happen as our waters are not warm enough to develop a hurricane, but there could be some stormy weather on its way.