Outlook for the new week.

Outlook for the new week.


The outlook for the next seven days is a changeable, mixed week with some rain and showers and feeling cool at times.

Monday 3rd September.

The morning starts of fairly bright and mild with the temperature around 15 c. The temperature rises during the morning to 17 c. During the afternoon a cold front moves through the area bringing some rain and showers with a fall in the temperature to around 13 c.

Tuesday 4th.

A fair amount of cloud with a few bright spells, mild at 17 c.

Wednesday 5th.

High pressure near to the UK will bring a northerly airflow with plenty of sunshine, temperatures reaching 18 c.

Thursday 6th.

A cold pool of air will move down from the North to bring a cool day. temperatures only reaching 15 c.

Friday 7th.

Low pressure system with some very cool air associated with it brings showers then period of heavy rain. It will be a very cool day with the temperature only reaching 13-14 c.

Saturday 8th.

The low pressure system looks like it will be trapped over the UK to bring a cool, unsettled, breezy day with rain and showers.

Sunday 9th.

It looks like the air pressure will begin to rise, lifting the temperatures to around 19 c. There is a risk of catching a shower.