Outlook for the new week.

Outlook for the new week.


Monday 1st October.

High pressure centred to the South West of the UK in the Atlantic will bring a settled, cool day with sunny spells, 12 c.

Tuesday 2nd.

Mostly a cloudy day with a low risk of a shower. Feeling mild with the top temperature reaching 16 c.

Wednesday 3rd.

Centre of the high pressure moves over the midlands and southern parts of the UK to bring a settled day with bright and sunny spells, feeling very mild at 17 c.

Thursday 4th.

Pressure falls during the day to bring mostly a cloudy day with a risk of shower. Feeling mild at 16 c.

Friday 5th.

Mostly a cloudy day feeling cool at 14 c.

Outlook for the weekend.

Low pressure looks like moving across the northern parts of the UK. At the moment it looks like bringing a windy, wet weekend for the North UK and a dry, cool weekend for our area. But if this low pressure system moves southwards it would change our weekend outlook.