This is the latest outlook for the next four weeks from the Japanese Met Agency the JMA. It is not meant to be a forecast but a general outlook. I have added the 3 images together and rotated them and added a red line so you can see the UK. Blue colours are low pressure area’s and oranges high pressure area’s.

Week 1, 13th February to 19th.

Low pressure is firmly in control of our weather. A strong jet stream is bringing Atlantic driven weather with some stormy weather conditions with above average rainfall. The temperature will be 2 or 3 degrees above average so quite mild for mid February.

Week 2, 20th February to 26th.

High pressure just pushed up from the South of the UK still leaving Northern parts of the UK under low pressure. I don’t see a great deal of change from the previous week, rainfall will be slightly above average and the temperature around 2 degrees above average.

Week 3-4, 27th February to 12th March.

This is a two week period and it looks like high pressure will be in control of our weather bringing, fine settled conditions. It looks overall dry with below average rainfall and the temperature around 2 degrees above average.