Outlook for the next four weeks from the JMA.

Outlook for the next four weeks from the JMA.


This is the outlook for the next four weeks, I am using the Japanese Met Agency’s JMA models. This is not meant to be a forecast but a general outlook.

I have added the three images together, rotated them and added a red line to show the position of the UK. Blue colours are low pressure area’s and orange’s are high pressure area’s.

Week 1 19th July to 25th.

Low pressure stretches over the UK. This period looks like bringing above average rainfall with temperature a couple of degrees below expected for mid July.

Week 2 26th July to 1st August.

Again low pressure will cover most of the UK bringing above average rainfall and temperatures below average for the end of July.

Week 3-4 2nd August to 15th.

A slack period with temperatures and rainfall around average.