Outlook for the next four weeks using the JMA model.

Outlook for the next four weeks using the JMA model.


This is the outlook for the next four weeks using the Japanese Met Agency model the JMA. This is not meant to be a forecast but a general outlook. I have rotated the images and added a red line so you can see the UK. I have added the week to each image. Blue colours are low pressure area’s, oranges are high pressure area’s.

Week 1, 2nd August to 8th.

A low pressure area and trough remains over the UK. Again the jet-stream moves across the southern parts of the UK. Overall this period will see rainfall above average and the temperature 1 to 2 degrees cool than you would expect for early August.

Week 2, 9th August to 15th.

Again low pressure stretches across the Atlantic and over the UK. We will see slightly above average rainfall and around 1 degree cool than you would expect. A slight improvement on the previous week, Scotland looks to be the wettest area.

Week 3-4 16th August to 29th.

This is a two week period so there could be some errors towards the end of the month.

Overall there will be a slight improvement in our weather with temperature and rainfall around average for mid to the end of August. Cornwall looks a little cooler with the greatest rainfall in Scotland.

So to summarise, changeable is the theme we will see the odd better day but showers are never far away until the final third of the month when we will start to see some improvement.