Outlook for the next four weeks using the JMA model.

Outlook for the next four weeks using the JMA model.


This is the outlook from the JMA. I am afraid to say this only backs up my idea’s over the last few days with an unsettled start to June and the summer.

I have rotated the images and added them together and added a red line so you can see the UK. If you have not followed my look at the JMA before, Blue colours are low pressure area’s and Orange/Yellows is high pressure area’s.

It is not meant to be a forecast but I use it for a general outlook. The JMA is issued from the Japanese Met Agency and I do find it reliable and useful.

Week 1 1st June to 6th.

Low pressure stretches across the North Atlantic over the UK and on to Northern Europe. A strong jet-stream will bring unsettled conditions with showers and prolonged rainy periods. Temperatures around average.

Week 2 7th June to 13th.

Low pressure again is settled over the UK, bringing some wet weather with above average rainfall and temperatures around average.

Week 3-4 14th June to 27th.

This is a slack period of weather with low pressure to the North of Scotland. Rainfall will be around average and maybe temperature slightly above average.