Outlook for the next three months from the JMA.

Outlook for the next three months from the JMA.


Its time to have a look at the next three months using the JMA from the Japanese Met Agency. I have looked at their sea pressure charts. Please not this is not a forecast but an outlook. Long rand forecasts must not be taken to literally, I am sure changes will take place.


July will see high pressure to the South West of England. This will bring rain fall around average and temperatures a little below what you would expect for July because we could see a dominant northerly wind direction.


High pressure looks like it will be over the mid Atlantic. This would bring above average rainfall from central UK to the South of England. With northern parts of the UK seeing less rainfall. Temperatures look like they will be a little below what you would expect for August.


No sign of any high pressure and this looks like we will see slightly above average rainfall and temperatures around average.

I am sure after what I have said I am sure there will be some settled periods but overall I cannot see any prolonged spells of summer like weather.