Wednesday 21st will see some rain and showers across western parts of the UK, Wales, northern parts of England and Scotland. Scotland will see temperatures around 13-16 c. Wales around 16 c. Eastern parts of England in the low 20’s.

Thursday 22nd, Scotland heavy rain with the rest of the UK seeing a risk of a shower.

Friday 23rd rain in for the far North of Scotland. The rest of the UK should remain dry, the temperatures will range from 18 c in the far North and low 20’s else where.

Saturday 24th should be dry accept the far North of the UK. Temperatures around 17 c in Scotland and around 26 c around the South Eastern parts of the UK.

Sunday 28th. All the UK should remain dry with the temperature reaching 18 centigrade in Scotland, around 28 c towards the South eastern parts of England and low 20’s around the Cornwall and Devon.