Outlook for the week ahead.

Outlook for the week ahead.


West to southwesterly winds will dominate the week ahead. If you are travelling around the UK the North West will see the most rain with the East coast and the South east seeing the driest conditions. South East seeing the warmest temperatures. So this is what we can expect for the week ahead for our area.

Monday 13th

The day starts off with the air pressure around 1005 hpa. Air pressure will start rising and we will see some bright and sunny spell with a risk of showers, temperatures reaching a warm 22 c.

Tuesday 14th

Will will see the air pressure continuing to rise reaching around 1015 hpa. The day will see good spells of sunshine feeling pleasantly warm with the day’s top temperature reaching 23 c.

Wednesday 15th.

Air pressure will fall during the day. The morning starts off with good spells of sunshine with increasing cloud during the afternoon. The day’s top temperature reaching a warm 21 c. Rain will later move into the area possibly around the evening time lasting well into the night.

Thursday 16th.

The air pressure will be around 1012 hpa. At the moment it looks like the overnight rain should soon clear the area to leave some bright and sunny spells with the odd shower, top temperatures around 17-18 c.

Friday 17th.

A cloudy, breezy day with risk of showers. Temperatures reaching around 17 c.

Outlook for the weekend.

Air pressure will start to build bringing more settled conditions and feeling warmer.