Outlook for the week ahead

Outlook for the week ahead


The week looks like remaining settled with little in the way of any real rain. Fairly high air pressure with just one or two weak weather fonts to bring some cloud at times and a low risk of a shower.

Monday will see bright and sunny spells, Feeling hot with the day’s top temperature around 25 c. There is a low risk of an isolated thundery shower. There is a greater risk of some heavy thundery showers to the north of our area around Cheshire and the Stoke-on-Trent Manchester area.

Tuesday bright and sunny spells, very low risk of a shower, feeling hot again around 24-25 c.

Wednesday a variable amount of cloud allowing some bright and sunny spells, temperatures still remaining around the mid twenties, very low risk of a spot of rain.

Thursday good spells of sunshine, very warm around 23 c.

Friday bright and sunny spells, a little cooler at 20 c.

The weekend. Settled, very warm 21-24 c