Saturday 7th September.

Scotland. Plenty of sunshine temperatures 11 c in the far North, 14th in the South. England North West, North East, Yorkshire. Bright and sunny spells, 13-15 c. Wales, West Midlands. Bright and sunny spells, odd isolated shower, 13-16 c. East Midland, East Anglia, South East, South England and South West. Bright and sunny spell, 16-18 c.

Sunday 8th September.

Scotland. In the far north-West cloudy, rest of Scotland sunny spells, 13-15 c. North West, North East, Yorkshire, West Midlands, East Midlands, East Anglia, South East, South. Plenty of sunshine, 13 c in the North 16 c around the midlands and 17 c in the South. Wales. plenty of sunshine around the mid to North Wales. South Wales a fair amount of cloud accept for the coast where there will be good spells of sunshine. Temperatures 15-17 c. South West. A fair amount of cloud some drizzle bright spells on the coast, 15-16 c