Outlook from the JMA for June, July and August.

Outlook from the JMA for June, July and August.


This is the outlook from the JMA the Japanese Met Agency. Followers will know that I use the JMA four week outlook weekly. Long range forecasting must not be taken to literally but I do like looking at the JMA’s models for trends. This must not be confused for a forecast but it’s meant to be a general outlook for each month.


Mainly low pressure will be around the UK, this will bring a north-westerly airflow that will also bring quite a wet month with above average rainfall and temperatures slightly below average.


A westerly airflow will bring a slightly cooler month than you would expect with rainfall around average.


Little change from the previous month with the air pressure remaining much the same. Again temperatures look like being just a little below average and rainfall maybe slightly above average.


Again I don’t see any indication for a hot, dry summer. There is no sign of high pressure dominating our weather to bring long period of hot, dry weather conditions. Yes of cause we will see some good spells of weather but I would think these will be short lived not lasting many days.

The next long range update will be around the middle of June and this will take us into September. It will be interesting to see if there is any improvement in the next outlook for July and August then.