Outlook from the JMA for the next four weeks.

Outlook from the JMA for the next four weeks.


This is the latest outlook using the JMA from the Japanese Met Agency. I have added the three images together, rotated them and added a red line so you can see the UK. Orange colours is high pressure area, blues is Low pressure area.

Week 1, 15th to 21st February.

High pressure stretching from the mid Atlantic over the UK into central Europe. This period will see mainly dry conditions with temperatures around 2-4 degrees above average for this time of the month.

Week 2, 22nd to 28th February.

Low pressure trough stretches from the pole down over the UK. This will bring a North, North-westerly airflow bringing unsettled conditions, becoming quite wet and stormy at times, feeling chilly.

Week 3-4, 1st to 14th March.

A cool unsettled period with some wet weather.